About Us

Find out how we differ from larger agencies with our personalised touch.

We Are Luma Copy

From humble beginnings as a duo specialised in SEO and copywriting, we soon felt the demand for a broader spectrum of digital services. As our client base expanded, so did their needs.

We realised a two-man band could no longer run the show alone.  As the calls for diverse services rang louder, expanding our team became imperative. But how could we scale without compromising the personalised touch that was our hallmark?

Digital Lovers

Enter the concept of a boutique digital marketing agency.  We sought individuals who aligned with our ethos and wanted to provide unparalleled service. Together, we’ve crafted strategies that have established us as a united collective.

While larger agencies often resort to one-size-fits-all strategies, we ensure every client receives a distinct, personalised approach, championing individuality over generic solutions.


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Some of our clients

We have worked with clients from all types of industries. From jewellery to construction, floristry, ventilation and more.

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