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We've been lucky enough to support Victoria Flowers with the launch of the business and beyond.

The Client: Victoria Flowers, Luxury Florist

We supported the launch of Victoria Flowers’ first website and social media platforms. This marked the brand’s first steps into the competitive luxury florist industry. We provided Victoria Flowers with a range of services, from a new website to local SEO, branding advice and social media copy.


Let’s take a look at where they are now… 


Victoria Flowers is a premier luxury flower delivery service based in Birmingham and largely caters to local customers. Renowned for its in-house, bespoke floral designs, Victoria Flowers prides itself on using only the finest quality blooms. The brand’s floral arrangements celebrate the seasons, showcasing nature’s best offerings. Serving a diverse clientele, from individual domestic customers to prestigious commercial clients like Aston Villa Football Club and luxury car showrooms, Victoria Flowers has firmly established itself as a symbol of luxury and elegance.

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Website Content: Crafting a Luxury Narrative

Our approach to website content was to strike a balance between friendliness and professionalism, in order to mirror the luxury experience Victoria Flowers provides. We emphasised the exceptional quality of their offerings by detailing the origin of the flowers, the unique compositions of each arrangement, and the sensory experience they offer. This strategic content creation aimed to transform website visits into immersive experiences, illustrating the skilful art of copywriting.

Let's take a look at the data for the UK Flower Market

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Are less likely to convert after a negative mobile site experience, having a fast and professional site is vital.

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Enjoy having flowers and houseplants in their home.

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Used social media for shopping in 2021.

SEO: Success in the Luxury Domain

Focusing on local SEO, we achieved our goal of placing Victoria Flowers at the top of Google search results. Three years on, they continue to lead in searches for ‘luxury flowers Birmingham’, placing number 1 for this keyword phrase in particular. This strong online presence even captured the attention of international customers, including a footballer who, while abroad, chose Victoria Flowers for a grand gesture at a friend’s wedding in Birmingham. Our meticulous keyword strategy ensured prominent visibility on Google, reinforcing Victoria Flowers’ status as a global luxury brand.

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Social Media Strategy: Building a Brand Persona

Starting from the ground up on social media, we crafted numerous posts to cultivate a vibrant and loyal online community. Every post was infused with the brand’s essence, highlighting the unparalleled quality of their floral offerings. Engagement with the audience was key, resulting in a steady stream of inquiries for both one-time special occasions and regular flower deliveries. To maintain relevance, we strategically acknowledged important dates and events with tailored posts, enhancing the brand’s visibility during peak seasons like Christmas and Valentine’s Day.

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