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We've been lucky enough to help a London wedding photographer to improve her website, SEO and social media.

The Client: Story Wedding Photography, London Wedding Photographer

Lorna, a seasoned wedding photographer based in London, approached us with the desire to enhance her online presence. With over a decade of experience and a stunning portfolio that includes features in prestigious publications like the Sunday Times and Rock My Wedding, Lorna’s work speaks for itself.


Our goal was to match her online footprint with her professional calibre. We undertook a comprehensive overhaul of her website, integrating SEO strategies and revamping her social media presence.


The results were a more engaging, navigable website and an amplified social media impact.

Instagram Posts
1 %
increase in impressions
1 %
increase in reach
1 %
increase in engagement

Web Design and Content Creation: Showcasing Lorna's Expertise

We reimagined Lorna’s website with a fresh, modern design. The homepage now showcases a more vibrant array of photographs, while her gallery pages provide context to each wedding story. We enriched the engagement photography pages with couples’ stories, offering visitors deeper insights into her work and clients. The copy on the main website pages was also rewritten, ensuring it read well and demonstrated her unique photography style. Lorna’s redesigned website makes it easy for prospective clients to explore her portfolio and make an informed decision when hiring her as a photographer.

Let's take a look at the data for the Wedding Industry

1 %
of couples

Use their mobile phones for wedding planning. A mobile-friendly website and strong online presence is needed for vendors.

< 1 %
of couples

Felt special during the enquiry process to wedding venues. A personal touch is required.

1 %
of couples

Cited value as an important factor when choosing a wedding venue. Conveying your value in marketing material is therefore crucial. 

SEO for Wedding Photographers in London

SEO was a critical aspect of our strategy. We focused on optimising Lorna’s website for local search terms in London. This targeted approach made it easier for couples in London to discover her services, notably in specific areas such as Saffron Walden, Marylebone and Westminster. Couples want to be sure that they are hiring a photographer who is familiar with their wedding location and knows all the best spots for photos. 

social media for photographers

Social Media Management: Crafting an engaged Community

Managing Lorna’s social media was about more than just posting photos. We meticulously planned her social grids, edited images for maximum impact, and fostered community engagement. The results were astounding: a 900% increase in impressions, a 642% increase in reach, and a 563% increase in engagement. These numbers reflect a thriving online community, deeply connected to Lorna’s work.

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